Mabel Stroyan Scholarship

The Mabel Stroyan Scholarship was established in 1998 and is presented in honor of Mabel I. Stroyan, a life-long resident of Lyndonville and a 1920 graduate of Lyndonville High School. Mabel Stroyan had a keen interest in science and earned her B.S. in Botany from Wells College.

Preference for the scholarship is given to a female who will major in science.

1998: Valerie Bergeman
1999: Toni Laskaris
2000: Jennifer Hurley
2001: Melissa Bowen
2002: Betsy Thering
2003: Randi Chaffee
2005: Whitney Thurber
2006: Sara Gee
2007: Alicia Phillips
2008: Abigail Oakes
2009: Rachel Phillips
2010: Allison Kroth
2011: Kristen Marcizewski
2012: None
2013: Thomas Goetze
2014: Hannah Albone
2015: Kirstin Nice
2016: Jessica Harling
2017: Brooke Keifer
2018: Mercedes Benedict
2019: Carly-Grace Woodworth
2020: Allyson Deslatte